I came home tired,
And you were waiting by the door,
I hugged you like I always do,
And you kissed me like yesterday

You gaze at me like I had something
To tell you,
Well yes, I did
I missed you.

I wish I could do what you do,
Stay at home,
Go to the garden,
See the clouds pass by,
Do your work,
Stay in the kitchen.
Siesta in the afternoon.

I’m not complaining,
But I do feel like I have a tiring life.
I chase after the train schedules
Fall in line during rush hour.
Bear with the smelly laborers that usually
Rides at the same stop.

Then I have to answer all emails,
Rush to the 5th floor to have something signed
And scan documents
And send
And type
And put smileys
And stretch my back
And look at the calendar
And count how many more days till Friday night.

And you,
How do you spend your day?
I bet you’re havin’ fun.
I bet that staying home is fun,
You can have the couch all by yourself,
Birds chirping while they annoy you.
I wish I was just at home like you,
Maybe it would be easier.

But then,
I guess maybe not,
I can see how much it could be lonely here
The way your eyes sparkle
When you know I’m about to arrive in an hour.
When you wait for me
And wag your tail.

#PracticeWriting #Day6