Why I love to travel



I am not lost when I go
To a place I don’t know,
I am lost when I stay,
my mind wanders on its own

From a summit down a waterfall,
From the streams to the sea,
From the oceans to the sky,
From the desert to the city.

On the road you don’t need much,
You actually have to leave things behind
But with this exit you shall find,
Another heart and soul to touch

Your currency is time,
Your insurance is friendship,
Your passport is your culture,
Your kindness is your compass.

You will find a lot of love,
You will find some foe;
You’ll understand why you’re there,
And why not tomorrow

Traveling is for the brave,
Traveling is never boring or lonely,
Traveling gives you what you crave,
Traveling shows how you behave.

Traveling is a life-long commitment;
To meet stangers and make them family,
To meet yourself at the end of the tunnel
To be a gift to humanity.

Travel is not for everyone;
Only for those who seek
An answer to their deepest questions
And to get away with memories to keep.

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