Once upon a time, I received a message from a friend telling me that she saw an ad on Facebook by the Pinto Art Museum. It said that as part of the the celebration of the International Day of Museums they will be open for F-R-E-E.

Pinto Art Museum Edward Illustrisimo life is a big surprise
Entrance gate of the Pinto Art Museum

Hashtag  #lifeisabigsurprise!

It was nice surprise and I was giddy because I was always curious about this museum learning that it is one of the most Instagrammable museums of the world – and it is in my backyard. I visited museums in Europe and South America but I have yet to discover the contemporary art in my own beloved Philippines.

Pintô Art Museum is a private museum dedicated to the exhibition and study of Philippine contemporary art. Its name, Pintô, comes from the Filipino vernacular word for door or doorway and signifies the role of the institution as a threshold of the mind to aesthetic consciousness and cultural awareness. The museum’s philosophy is defined by its founder and patron, renowned Filipino neurologist and medical educator Joven Cuanang, who began collecting the pieces from the early 1990s to the present. Later his extensive collection was formally presented to the public with the opening of the museum in 2010.  Source: Pintoart.com


I have seen some photos of this museum but it never honestly got my attention, why? Because in Instagram people posted more of their poses and selfies in this place rather than the artworks and galleries! Yes, thousands of photos of faces and less art. So I thought that it would just be another fashionista-paparazzi-kind-of-museum. I was wrong!

Also, the free entrance (hahaha!) plus my love for art, compelled me to go with my friend. She told me that we can meet directly in Antipolo, Rizal where we can take a tricycle going to the musuem – so off I went!

I did a bit of research on how to go there from my location, luckily I am near the LRT 2 V. Mapa Station which could make it easier for me to reach Rizal. I will give you quick directions at the end of this blog 🙂

What’s in it for you and me?

Oh, for the love of heaven if you are not into art, go there just the same. The place is so relaxing and beautiful. I have to admit, I was really fascinated by the interlace of vegetation and the Santorini/Mexican-pastel-painted-houses inspired buildings where the galleries are.

And if you love art, then this has a flavor of it’s own: Contemporary Filipino Art.

It really makes me happy to see Filipino Art presented in such a colorful and soul-captivating way. Be assured, you’ll feast your eyes on all the things that Pintô Art Museum can offer. Plus, get a glimpse of the Filipino culture and the daily life of the Filipino people through art!

Filipino Contemporary Art

So, enough of the chit-chat! Here is what you may be able to see:

P.S. Please, don’t expect that I’d put here everything, that is not a good thing to do, otherwise you won’t go to see the place, fair enough?

Pinto Art Museum Gallery 1 Edward Illustrisimo life is a big surprise
That’s me in the Gallery 1. There is a huge artwork that is really awesome! Everyone comes here to take a photo, so I did the same, lol! Tip: be patient, let the crowd get away then take a photo.

Look up around Gallery 1, you will find this:

Yawning Cardinal and maybe Jesus. Very funny and alive. Pinto Art Museum Gallery 1 Edward Illustrisimo life is a big surprise
Yawning Cardinal and maybe Jesus. Very funny and alive.

On the other hand, here are the sculptures and mixed media art in Gallery 2

Very interesting huh? Well this one is my favorite!

Pinto Art Museum Edward Illustrisimo life is a big surprise
My Favorite of all! And I had to be very patient to take this shot because there were a lot of people passing by and stopping in front of this masterpiece, ugggh!

There is also a gallery that kind of conveys a flavor of Filipiniana and Filipino pop culture; it’s very interesting!

Also, do not miss out the passage ways from one gallery to the other, there are nice gardens, greenery and some cool stuff to see:

You can even stop by at one of the windows to take a photo session. The lighting is really good at around 4pm before the sunsets. Take advantage of the light like my friend did! Lol!

Pinto Art Museum Edward Illustrisimo life is a big surprise
Nice lighting and beautiful wide windows. Very Instagrammable Lol!

There is also one part that is kind of not recommended for kids. Ssssshhhhh for adults only.

But I took a photo of this scribbled words on a mirror. It is very kinky lol!

Pinto Art Museum Edward Illustrisimo life is a big surprise
“Wash your pengpay or your husband will not kiss it! Lol!”


Within this gallery though, I’d be honest that his is my favorite.

Pinto Art Museum Edward Illustrisimo life is a big surprise

After this, you will be moving on to another gallery. This part, I admire because of the paintings and the hallway that really looks so good. I didn’t take photos of them one by one, because I decided to enjoy the artworks.

Pinto Art Museum Edward Illustrisimo life is a big surprise
Oh those nice paintings in this nice hall.


There is a relaxing lounge area to take some fresh air. Go up the stairs and explore a bit. I went up to take photos of the bells.

We also succeeded in goofing around; I think that is important to break the silence.

Why you should charge your batteries for this artwork!

After gallery number 6, I realized that I already ran out of batteries for my camera. We headed to a part that was so beautiful and I was wishing at that moment that I had more battery because there were still more to snap. Luckily my friend, brought her phone, just enough to rescue us from misery. This is the part where you will see a Santorini/Mexican-inspired building where all #igers take Instagrammable photos.

Pinto Art Museum Edward Illustrisimo life is a big surprise
One nice place to take a photo is go upstairs and make the building your background.

So in this section we attempted to make  as much photos as we could with her iPhone. At a certain moment the sky started become like a painting.

The sunset was very beautiful, too bad we didn’t have a DSLR anymore. We sat there contented with the shots from an iPhone. Luckily, one attempt to take a photo with the DSLR worked; and this sunset here, I think, part of the gallery – the most beautiful piece of art.

Pinto Art Museum Edward Illustrisimo life is a big surprise
Sunset at Pinto Art Museum

How to get to Pintô Art Museum via LRT 2

  1. Get to any station that traverses the LRT Line 2 which starts at RECTO station and ends at SANTOLAN Station.
  2. Take the train from any of the LRT Line 2 Stations and head towards the last station which is SANTOLAN Station. I took the train from V. MAPA to SANTOLAN Station. This costs around PHP 21 using the Beep Card (Reloadable Card) or PHP 25 Using the Line 2 Ticket.
  3. When you arrive at Santolan Station, descend to the ground floor and there will be a security guard at the main entrance/exit. Ask him where you could take the UV EXPRESS to Antipolo Church/Cathedral (Simbahan ng Antipolo). That will be on the left side of the station (DO NOT CROSS THE STREET because your ex will be there. Kidding, just don’t cross the street okay?). In the Philippines, the route is usually written in a plate placed in the dashboard of the vehicle, you’ll see it.
  4. Take the UV EXPRESS or VAN to Antipolo Church/Cathedral. The fare is PHP 40.00 – Don’t be shy to tell the driver to drop you off in the station near the church.
  5. When you arrive at the UV EXPRESS or VAN Station, walk towards the Church and stop at the 7-Eleven convenience you will pass by. Buy some water or whatever snack, trust me, you’ll be hungry.
  6. Hail from that point a Tricycle to get to Pintô Art Museum. Pay PHP 40 pesos per person. Done!

Here’s a map for you (You’re welcome by the way!):


Is there an entrance fee?

Yes, on regular days, the entrance fee is PHP 200 or around $4.00.
They are open Tuesday to Sunday; 9am-6pm

How to get back to Manila

Hail a tricycle at the gate of the subdivision where the  the museum is located. Tell the driver to bring you to Chowking/Mang Inasal in Olivares Street. Near that is a station for the UV EXPRESS bound for Cubao or Ayala. I paid PHP 50.00 going to Cubao.