At daybreak she comes
She honks and wakes everyone,
I get annoyed at the way
She rushes,
She gushes,
She sweeps the tracks.
Everyone wants to catch her;
But she only stops for a moment.

One thing is certain,
She passes by the same route –

One day, I decided
That if I never ever catch her ride,
If I never ever make it to her last minute,
I will ignore her.

But then, in the same morning,
I heard no sound of her.
Everyone must’ve thought she wasn’t coming.

They were mistaken,
And I took the first ride away,
When she changed from steam
To electric.

She didn’t tell anyone,
Even though they all knew
That she would pass this way.

So, she took me away,
And my sleepy eyes
Opened wide to her horizon.

I never heard her mutter in the morning.
No complaining happened.
Only satisfaction.
Of finding something new.