I had the first glimpse of Invideo on Appsumo some time ago in April 2019 and I honestly was a bit skeptical about it. The best that suited my needs to convert articles/blogs into dynamic videos was Lumen5 and during that time my Appsumo free one-year subscription with Lumen5Pro was still active.

But since I could refund one code anyway if I didn’t like it (no questions asked) so I bought one code to try it out.

And lo and behold I fell in love with InVideo!

Here is their teaser video in their website:

The teaser shows the real thing and for me playing with InVideo was so pleasurable because it has to tools to let me create my own videos. Take a look at some of the videos we were able to make:


What is Invideo?

In simple words: The BEST ONLINE VIDEO CREATOR there is for SOCIAL MEDIA and your marketing needs.

InVideo can help you get your message across whether you are business owner, individual or a corporate group.

InVideo is perfect for letting your personality shine in the digital world. It will give you the possibility to simplify ideas into listicle videos. Customize videos into dimensions optimized to the media channel you will use.

InVideo is your arsenal to an always updated and elaborate suite of video creation tools! Hands Down!

Who can use Invideo?

InVideo is perfect for Social Media Managers, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Bloggers, Video Creators, Vloggers, Writers, Speakers, etc. etc.

If you need a very quick and effective solution to make videos for online or offline consumption then use Invideo.

I promise you, it cuts work by at least 80% because of how intuitive the user experience is designed.

If you want to present certain concepts, I suggest you upgrade your powerpoint presentation with an InVideo video.

InVideo is truly versatile for a lot of use cases and right now you won’t wanna miss their lifetime deals in Appsumo. If you have at least $49 grab the lifetime deal now, while it is still available.

How do you use InVideo?

A lot has changed actually since they launched in April. Impressively the development team is the most amazing team I have ever seen. Almost every week something new comes up. They listen to the users and I guess I have to stress how amazing their support here in a later part of this blog.

InVideo in makes life easier when it comes to making videos on the fly. I’ll try to focus on how you see it in the front-end and what are the available options for now.

Convert Your Script into a Video

If you have a blog you can easily create a video version of your blog just by simply a picking a video theme template and adding your script (blog snippets), Dragging and dropping the necessary media and then making some finishing touches.

InVideo has a library of over a million royalty media assets you can choose from may it be video, sound, icons, overlays, and photos. There is no limit to your imagination.

For the finishing touches, InVideo is so versatile enough that it can allow you to arrange the layers of your scenes in the Advanced Editor, change the text, upload your own font and customize the look and feel of each scene by adding animations to text and objects.

Trust me, it is easy to use and get even better with time since the developers update and listen to the suggestions of the community around InVideo.

Use Readymade Versatile Templates

Invideo Template

I know that sometimes we run into situations where the inspiration for writing a video script is not there. And no matter how you try to crack your skull, you can’t write. Bummer!

However, InVideo has readymade video templates to let you start “doing” things right away and as a result, and eventually, your inspiration kicks in!

InVideo has templates you can use to create:

  1. Instagram Videos
  2. Video Ads
  3. Product Videos
  4. Promo Videos
  5. Bumper Ads
  6. Intro/Outro Videos
  7. Testimonial Videos
  8. Instagram Stories

InVideo TemplatesThe possibilities are endless! You can tweak these templates to whatever you like and watch your creativity come to life!

Build Your own Videos

Invideo build your own videosSometimes, you might just want to have your own DIY videos, not to worry, InVideo, unlike other video creator softwares that usually don’t give you a freehand in making your own videos, gives you the freedom to take the lead.

I had to point this out very well because I subscribed to another online video creation software before and it doesn’t feel good to be limited with only the templates they provided (face palm!)

What really made me trust InVideo? THEIR OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SUPPORT

Truth be told, InVideo is not a perfect video creator. One thing that most would complain about is that it only supports Google Chrome at the moment.

Others would rant about some technical issue like audio synching, etc.

But amidst all this, InVideo since day 1 exhibited the best customer support I have ever experienced. Please do not abuse them, I am not saying that they will walk your dog just to please you. What I am saying is that these guys are pros when it comes to listening to their clients.

They treat every criticism, rant, and complain as a stepping stone to becoming better and better.

No wonder, they have a 5-star rating on almost 300 reviews on AppSumo. I challenge you, to take a look for yourself. See how they handle complaints or even make a dummy complaint in their chat box, you’ll see that you’ll come out purring like a satisfied cat lol!

I think that if other companies can learn from InVideo, they should ask them about how they deliver awesome customer support. It is actually a wise way because in effect InVideo leverages on these support requests to be better and better.

My honest recommendation

I could say that you can’t have a perfect product but you can see an imperfect team doing extraordinary measures to make you happy in InVideo. The InVideo team is awesome!

If you want a functional video creator, look nowhere else, just InVideo. I bet on my old car’s life that you won’t regret subscribing to their video creator software!

Enjoy and have a wonderful experience with InVideo!