One day, I was about to travel to Baybay with some friends. We boarded on the van early so our bags were placed beneath the seats immediately. A few moments later, the van was getting filled and suddenly, I noticed that our bags were being pulled out, from their current place because another passenger came and was willing to pay for 3 seats to accommodate all her luggage.

I saw my bag being pulled out and they replaced it with her stuff. I was surprised and eventually got frustrated about what they did. My bag was placed on one side of the pavement.

I quickly called the attention of the people who took my bag, a dispatcher and a driver,asking them why they did that. I reasoned that we got in first, and that they should handle our baggage carefully, especially that I had my laptop inside my bag. They didn’t budge about it.

What sparked my anger was when they asked me if I was willing to pay for another seat so that they could let my bag sit on it. I stood up, raising my tone, and told them that they would feel frustrated too if they were in my place.

Furthermore, they told me that if i wasn’t going to pay extra I’d rather have my bag sit on my lap.

They even attempted hanging my bag on the back of the front seat – because of that my bag slipped and fell on an old woman!

I was really mad about this! I started yelling out and pointed my fingers on them:

“What’s your name?!!! What’s your name!!!???”
“Ano tim ngaran!!!??? Ano tim ngaran???!!!”

The atmosphere was so dense with how furious I was.

I really asserted my right to have a comfortable seat. Apparently these guys knew they were doing the wrong thing. This was just the first time someone stood up to them. Even the woman who paid extra for three seats even wondered why our bags had to be pulled out when it was there already before she came. The dispatchers could not undo anymore what they did because they saw that they would have a hard time removing the big pile of bags that they arranged – their bitter pill.

I knew I was right.

Suddenly, another passenger broke the chaos saying:

“Imo ito bag dong? ito nga pula? Ahw, sige ikadi ito lugod, ako nalat masabak hito.

(“Is this your bag? The red one? Oh, I can have your bag sit on my lap then.)

Then he smiled at me.

I froze. I did not know how to react.

That gesture immediately struck me back to my consciousness and made me rethink why I was lashing out to this dispatcher and driver tandem that was causing me much hassle.

I attempted to get the bag from him, saying:

“Kuya makarawod man ha im, (smiling), ako nala it masabak hito nga ak bag.”

(“Kuya,I really mind that you’d carry my bag, I can have it instead.”)

Of which he quickly replied: “Okay la dong, magsusu-ruok ka liwat ngada ngan maupay ini nga ulunan” Then he smiled.

(“It’s okay, it’d be too crowded where you’re sitting…and this would be a good pillow too.”)

So I was there, for a moment, understanding that I had to accept his kindness. It was the most fitting thing to do.

I sat there learning a lesson on Humility and Self-control.

So, for the whole trip,my bag was sitted on his lap and he used it as his pillow.

When he got down at Abuyog, I waved goodbye to him and thanked him. Not for doing me a favor, but for teaching me something that day.

Sometimes, we are so right, that we begin to be wrong if we insist we are right. Sometimes we have to let go of our own pride because being right doesn’t necessarily mean it is the correct thing to do. It might cost us a bit of pain but if it will result to peace of mind, we must choose to be cool and humble enough to understand the folly of other people.

***this post is to honor this angel, this man in blue shirt