How to get to Towing Falls in Sablan, Benguet from Baguio City


My friend’s Facebook comment that got me wild

I was in my cousin’s office uploading some photos on facebook after watching the Panagbenga 2017 float parade. The parade was beautiful but kinda short, in my opinion.

We were in the streets at 6AM and it ended at around 10AM – really short that I told one of my friends about it.

Maybe he really felt that my energy was still high for travelling so he made a side comment on this post in facebook:

He was asking me if I was already contented with the Parade on the second day and I said yes; but then, maybe he sensed that I was still wanting to see something more of Benguet Province that he commented right away: “Diretso ka na sa Sablan Falls” (“Go straight to Sablan Falls).  I read that comment, and that itchy-travel feeling just started inside me. I wanted to scratch it so bad…

The facebook comment that urged me to go to Sablan Falls :P
The facebook comment that urged me to go to Sablan Falls 😛

I started googling and researching about the waterfall

It was already 12:21PM when I saw this comment – it was sooooo tempting. Man, I just couldn’t describe the feeling!

I started googling the place, finding out if there were some people who blogged about it – and yes there were only few people who wrote about it so that got me all the more excited to get there RIGHT AWAY.

My hands were sweating, I was looking at my watch, it was already 2PM. I haven’t found enough data to convince me that I could go back right away by the evening of the same day.

3PM: Self-bargaining came in. I told myself that I could go there next time but my vagabond-conscience shouted back at me that if I was gonna go there there EVENTUALLY, I just had to stop facing the computer and GO.

3:30 PM: I told my cousin: “I’m going to this waterfall, 45mins – 1 hour away in Benguet”. He looked at me straight in the eye with a smirk in his face and said: “Okay, just be careful”. I did realize I had to be careful; because the place was closed down for public visit due to a certain drowning incident. But I know that I would regret missing that chance for the simple fact that I WAS ONLY LESS THAN AN HOUR AWAY from this hidden gem.

So I left.

Will I get there in time? Would I still be able to go back on time?

I was walking in Session Road, Baguio towards Gov. Pack road where some buses were parked. I braved the crowd was now flocking Session Road; it was packed with so many people because during that day after the parade, the “Session road in Bloom 2017” was going to occupy its whole length. People were starting to assemble their tents and kiosks to showcase and cater their products.

I was so worried that I might not get a return ride to Baguio if I stayed beyond 6PM in Sablan. But anyway, I was already on my way so I pushed on.

How to get to Towing Falls/Sablan Falls from Baguio city:

  1.  I walked to Gov. Pack road where there are buses that go to LA UNION, take that. Just ask around to be sure if it will pass to Sablan.
  1. The Fare is Php 55.00 going down to Sablan by bus – this fare may change so just ask the person-in-charge a.k.a “Konduktor”/ the bus driver.
  1. Tell the driver or the “Kundoktor” that you will get down at a certain “Toing Store” near the waterfalls’ entrance in Sablan – although I never really found that store. Otherwise, Alight at least in the municipality center where you will see arcs crossing each other a bit like the brand logo of Chanel…trust me, you will think about this tip when you see the arcs. hahaha!
  1. Alight from the bus – wherever you go down, ask for the direction going to the waterfalls from the locals. I got down beside the highway. Please be careful because their is no sidewalk pavement; don’t get your self side-swept by the vehicles that pass by, haha! The locals will tell you to find a the aforementioned store. Just go westward if you are facing the neighborhood, go eastward if you facing the highway…you should be going downward by the highway – don’t ask me what downward means! haha!
  1. Along the way, there will be a road sign saying:
  1. Start hiking down. There are concrete steps so it won’t really be that hard. But still be careful okay? (Don’t say I didn’t tell you). You will arrive in around 15mins.
  1. Hold your breath and say “Wow”; you just arrived.

Some videos for dummies:

Enjoy the place (but please pick up the trash).

I was enjoying my stay. The waterfall displaying its splendor, clear waters that’s soothing to the soul. I did not really visit with the intent of swimming. Although it was very tempting and I usually just dive right into any waterfall I see!

Towing Falls/Sablan Falls has 3 cascades, it is very beautiful. Right from the last step of the pathway you will be on the top of the second cascade, the first cascade will be in front of you, 2nd below you, and the third cascade right below the second one, obviously, hahaha!

The water is clear, the air is fresh and the canopy that surrounds it is lush with green diversity. You will hear the birds singing and you will feel a gentle breeze blowing from time to time.

I took off my shoes and folded my pants to dip my feet in the water. I stood on the edge of the second cascade (a huge flat rock) to take some photos. The feeling of being on top of a waterfall (the second cascade) is truly exhilirating. I took several photos and footages.

It felt like the first time I saw a waterfall back when I was a kid. I couldn’t stop smiling alone, hahaha!

I stayed there for around 45 minutes just relaxing. It felt so good to be there actualizing my curiosity. I felt so grateful to the universe for that moment.

During my stay, I noticed all the plastic and trash that were scattered everywhere! That got me pissed really. So I decided to do a little clean-up before I leave.

Afterwards, I packed my stuff and said goodbye to the majestic Towing/Sablan falls.

The way up is tough so brace yourselves – not kidding.

Heading back to Baguio

6PM: I was on the highway. I walked towards the bus stop to wait.

Fortunately there were public jeepneys passed by. It made me happy that I didn’t have to wait for the buses to go back up to Baguio City. So I rode a jeepney and I told the driver that I was heading back to Baguio.

I paid Php 35.00 for the ride and i asked where their jeepney station is located; the driver told me that it is near the public market

So when you visit, you have the option to take a jeepney going down to Sablan and back to Baguio city for only Php 35.00 per way.

While on the trip, I was taking some shots of the jeepney, the vendor who was selling quale eggs (typical in this region) and the golden sunset that people here are blessed with.

I was so happy with this unexpected visit. Life is a big surprise after all.



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