How to get to Towing Falls in Sablan, Benguet from Baguio City

My friend's Facebook comment that got me wild I was in my cousin's office uploading some photos on facebook after watching the Panagbenga 2017 float parade. The parade was beautiful but kinda short, in my opinion. We...

Chillin’ in Rio de Janeiro: Pão de Açúcar and a night stroll in Ipanema

It was 4am and I was looking out the window to see a sleeping Rio de Janeiro - a huge city grid of lights famous for its festive culture and awesome mix of beach...

How I got my Amazonian Name

How many names do you have? Me, I’ve been called a lot of names, some properly, others a chop-chop of my name, some call me by the name of another person while others call...

Are we still happy?

One overnight stay in the Amazon with the tribe of Shiwakucha ought to be shared as a major reflective point in these travels i have done, so far. In these parts i have walked in...

Dreams that had to be thrown away – the onset of vagabonding

Scavenging It was around 3PM. The water had receded. The howling winds had calmed down. Wet and cold, we had to go back to our house in hopes that there were still things left to...

The Magic of Florianopolis

Have you ever heard about Florianopolis in Brazil? Well, neither did I, hahaha! This blog is a short introduction to the original blog that was published in that I wrote a few days ago. Florianopolis, captured my interest the...
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