kids lighting up candles in the dark for Haiyan commemoration

7 lessons I learned from surviving Super Typhoon Haiyan

Though it has been three years after, I am still brought to tears by all the memories from the Supertyphoon Yolanda. Since then, I have tried to live each day with the conviction that...

How I got my Amazonian Name

How many names do you have? Me, I’ve been called a lot of names, some properly, others a chop-chop of my name, some call me by the name of another person while others call...

Are we still happy?

One overnight stay in the Amazon with the tribe of Shiwakucha ought to be shared as a major reflective point in these travels i have done, so far. In these parts i have walked in...

Dreams that had to be thrown away – the onset of vagabonding

Scavenging It was around 3PM. The water had receded. The howling winds had calmed down. Wet and cold, we had to go back to our house in hopes that there were still things left to...
Thanks for visiting, I made this site as a gesture of gratefulness to all the people who have showed me how happy life can be! I survived SuperTyphoon Haiyan, and since then, I started living everyday to its fullest. I travel and loaf around in the internet for good finds. I wish to share all the discoveries I made with you. Find out more about me here. Big hug!

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